Terms Of Service

1. You have 24 hours after purchase to trigger our 24 hour refund policy. There has to be a reason for cancellation as a lot of work goes into the first 24 hours of a servers setup. Each case is looked at individually.

2. Please ensure that you purchase the correct level of support as our services do not come with support as standard.

3. We do not offer mod support, our core service is to provide a game server at its bare bones.

4. Any paypal subscriptions will need to be cancelled in your paypal account when you end your service with us.

5. Any abuse to support staff will not be tolerated and can result in suspension or even termination.

6. Changing branding status will result in automatic suspension. Please open a ticket to resolve any issues.

7. If a paypal dispute is opened for any reason this can result in immediate suspension of your account.

8. Under no circumstances can you advertise another game server company URL (unless renting a dedicated server) in your server title, server messages or MOTD.

9. We do not take responsibility for any data be it on websites or game servers/dedicated servers. Hack attempts are rarely successful but it does happen. We recommend customers backup important files regularly.

10. A month order counts as 30 days.

11. We do not store Credit and debit card information but our payment provider may store your information for repeat payments.

12. Refunds take 1 day to process.

13. Any illegal activities carried on our servers, ip addresses can result in immediate suspension and non-refundable termination of services.

14. All prices paid on day of purchase will remain unchanged for the duration of the entire servers life. Prices will not change for current customers.

15. Refunds will only be given for plausible and valid reasons, ie poor uptime, lagging server etc.

16. We reserve the right to send promotional emails to your registered email account, to remove yourself from the mailing list please reply with unsubscribe.

17. Do not use inappropriate hostnames. Example using the name `DDoS`.